We believe that human resources are the most valuable asset and we aim for a transparent, fair, sharing, respectful and participatory working environment for our employees.

As PCS, the most important resource that plays a role in our goals and strategies is our human resources. In this context; we aim to create an employee profile that is highly motivated and committed, researcher and innovative, adopts team spirit, uses resources efficiently, can put forward new and creative ideas in the field, and contributes to itself and the future of PCS.

Principles of our human resources policy;

  • To carry out all our human resources practices on the basic values of respect for the individual, equality, justice and honesty,
  • To increase and sustain the motivation of our employees and their commitment to PCS,
  • To implement an objective, transparent, fair, traceable and sustainable performance evaluation system for our employees,
  • To determine the appropriate trainings that our employees can develop professionally and personally and to ensure their participation in these trainings,
  • To establish a communication system based on trust with our employees,
  • To provide an environment of long-term co-operation with our employees.
Togetherness and Team Spirit
Believing in the power of togetherness, we move towards our goals with the positive impact of being a team and team work on all our processes.
Development and Change
Aware of the contribution of change to productivity, we focus on the continuous development of both our corporate culture and our colleagues.
Equality and Justice
We always aim to ensure equality and justice in our working environment with our principle of transparency and accountability.
Competence and Efficiency
We strive to maximise efficiency in our working climate by adopting the value of competence to achieve our goals.
Sharing and Communication
Focusing on the importance of sharing and communication on the road to success, we are always open to new ideas and thoughts.
Passion and Determination
Believing that perseverance and courage are excellent motivators, we aim for a passionate, determined and responsible team spirit.
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