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Turbo Charge Air Cooler (Liquid Cooler)

  • Engines above a certain capacity have a heat exchanger on the engine to cool the turbo air. Thanks to this heat exchanger, the turbo air is cooled by the heat exchanger on the engine itself without going to an external heat exchanger. An external system is needed to cool the secondary circuit of the heat exchanger through which the turbo air passes. The liquid cooled in the Turbo Charge Air Cooler system is sent to the internal heat exchanger of the engine.
  • Thanks to the low inlet air temperature, the combustion gas temperature is reduced and NOx emission amount is reduced.
  • Turbo charge air cooler systems are of the "liquid-liquid" type (primary fluid liquid, secondary fluid liquid). Fine adjustment can be achieved thanks to the 3-way proportional valve in the secondary circuit (cooling circuit). Protection on the system against conditions such as expansion and pressure increase that may occur in the cooling water at high temperatures available.
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