Test Systems

Transmission Test Systems

  • Identifiable special load profile tests
  • Design and production verification tests
  • Performance tests after maintenance
  • Development tests
  • Life and endurance tests
  • Function tests
  • Lubrication and gear shift tests

  • Oil conditioning systems
  • Robotic and servo gear shifting systems
  • Transmission trolley
  • Electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically controlled quick-connect interfaces
  • Accurate and precise with high accuracy mesurement reproductions results
  • Low test costs
Tested Transmissions and Vehicles

  • ALLISON 1000-SP
  • ALLISON 3000-SP
  • ALLISON 3200-SP
  • GM 4L80-E
  • BMC; Kirpi, Vuran Ejder Yalçın, Toma, Kobra
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