Industrial Systems

Special Products

PC31 AC Voltage Stages Indicator and Inverter Device
  • Panel Mounting
  • High Accuracy Class
  • Voltage or the potentiometer on the transformostages can be used as the input signal.
  • Since there is a Voltage divider and reference Voltage in the device, there is no need for an external unit.
  • It outputs 0/4-20mA Current Output in steps according to the number of programmed stages. By connecting this Current Output to the RTUs, the traffic voltage information can be transmitted to the electrical telemetry systems.
  • Thanks to its microprocessor controlled hardware, it provides operation safety by making precise measurements.
  • Convenient software and 3-key With Keypad provides easy programming and ease of use.
PC85 – Meteorological Transmitter
  • Wall and Panel Mounting
  • Independent Zero and Span Adjustment
  • Analogue Output (Current, Voltage)
CANBus Automotive Products and DashBoard Indicators
  • Can-Bus (Can-open)
  • 0-5V../12V../24V DC Voltage
  • Frequency
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