PLC & SCADA Systems

    According to the project requirements, the configuration design is created by taking into account today's technologies.

    At this point, we prefer to prepare solutions by considering the two decisive factors "System reliability and technological innovations". System reliability can be ensured by the selection and design of some instruments, remote input, output and control units in the lower part of the configuration.

    With the application of technological innovations, more flexible design of the system, media tools, visual animations, data analysis software and reporting facilitate the adaptability of the systems.

    PCS has adopted the principle of designing systems beyond customer expectations by using technological innovations without compromising system reliability with its knowledge and experience.

    While creating system architectures, we create system architectures and provide all integration on the way to measurement and control systems starting from sensors, motors, servo actuators located at the extreme points of the system, while determining the need from the extreme point, accepting customer expectations as a starting point in the application of technological innovations.

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