Test Systems

Internal Combustion Engine Test Systems

  • Continuous Load Test
  • Transient Load Test
  • Endurance Test
  • Quality Control Test
  • Material Testing
  • Performance Test
  • Fuel Consumption Test
  • Emission Test
  • Test Chamber Design
  • Test Chamber HVAC and Lighting Systems

  • Vibration Damping Basic Structure Or Base Frame
  • Dynamometer Selection
  • Engine Coolant Conditioning System
  • Engine Oil Filling, Draining and Filtering Systems
  • Engine Fuel Conditioning System
  • Fuel Consumption Measurement System
  • Engine Intake Air Conditioning System
  • Engine Intake Air Consumption Measurement System
  • Turbo Air (Intercooler) Conditioning System
  • Test Chamber Mechanical Systems
Test Cell

  • Data acquisition system and fully automatic test period processing software
  • Dynamometer control system
  • Servo gas control system
  • Fuel consumption measurement and conditioning
  • Measurement of the amount of gas escaping into the blow-by sump
  • Turbocharger air cooler
Systems Using Internal Combustion Engines

  • Defence & Automotive
  • Education & Research
  • Rail Systems
  • Marine Systems
  • Agricultural Machinery
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