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Intermediate Bearing

Intermediate Bearing - 1

  • Ductile iron body
  • AISI 4140 quality, G2.5 class balanced shaft according to ISO 1940-1
  • Integrated temperature and vibration measurement interfaces are available
  • High quality bearings for precise operation
  • Structure to protect the tested unit and dynamometer
  • Competitive price
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Intermediate Bearing - 2

  • An additional intermediate bearing is usually used in the shaft connection of high-speed test systems.
  • Various high-speed intermediate bearings according to the required speed and torque
  • The body of the bearings is a flanged design feature that can be mounted from the front and back
  • Intermediate bearings used in high quality high speed bearings with grease lubrication G:2,5 mm/s balance quality
  • There are relevant interface features on the intermediate bearing body for the installation of vibration and temperature sensors
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